Honors | Literature of India in Translation (INST)
I370 | 26773 | Rebecca Manring

TuTh 1:00-2:10pm

What is our duty as human beings?  In this course we will explore
how ancient Indian intellectuals answered this question, in a
variety of contexts.  We will consider the role of the natural world
as well as the role of social expectations in one's effort to
determine the right course of action in any situation.  We will
begin with a detailed look at the Rig Veda, the oldest extant
literature in any Indo-European language.  Students will read and
discuss in detail two Indian epics, one from the Sanskrit tradition
of north India, and one from the Tamil tradition of the south.  And
finally we will read a play by Kalidasa whose work represents the
pinnacle of Sanskrit literature.

Class meetings will include a great deal of discussion.  We will
also make use of video materials and guest speakers, as well as
lecture, to help bring the material alive in the classroom.
Students will complete a series of short written assignments and one
final project.