Honors | Political Representation, Political Parties, and the European Union (POLS)
Y210 | 25287 | Richard Rohrschneider

Tu 10:00am-12:00pm

Political representation is at the center of democratic politics.
However, it appears that political parties in Europe are no longer
able to represent citizens. Among the reasons are the changing
expectations of citizens, the greater complexity of problems, the
fall of the Berlin Wall, and the rise of the European Union. This
class will discuss the role of political parties in Europe, and
study the reasons why they are no longer able to represent citizens.
What is the role of political parties? How does the process of
European Integration affect the process of representation? How do
other factors, such as citizensí changing expectations affect their
evaluations of parties? These are the questions which are at the
core of the seminar.

The class has two overarching goals. First, it introduces
participants to the important role of parties in European politics.
Second, it introduces students to public opinion research in
addressing these questions. I assume no prior knowledge of these
topics. Class requirements include a term paper, a final exam, a
book report, and active participation at seminar meetings.