History and Philosophy Of Science | Science Revolutions: Plato to Nato
X102 | 17691 | Evan Ragland

Evan Ragland
Science Revolutions:  Plato to Nato
Tuesday, Thursday
9:30 a.m.-10:45 a.m.

This course surveys the development of Western science from
antiquity to the twentieth century. Though we will be primarily
concerned with the development of scientific ideas, we will also
consider the cultural, institutional, and material factors involved
in historical change. As is necessary in a survey of such a vast and
varied topic, we will give priority to breadth of coverage over
depth of investigation. Our major goal is to gain historical
distance from our own worldviews, and address such questions as ‘How
did people in the past view their own investigations of the natural
world?’ and ‘By what means, persons, and changes can our modern
scientific attitudes be traced through history?’