International Studies | Introduction to International Studies
I100 | 17773 | Tuohy

This course introduces students to the principal issues,
perspectives, and modes of study in International Studies.  Students
will become familiar with interdisciplinary approaches to the study
of culture, the environment, politics, economics, communication, and
the arts globally. Students will gain an international perspective
and understanding of current thinking about and possible solutions
to critical global issues.  We also will explore the resources
available to students at I.U. and beyond in relation to educational
and career opportunities.
Class materials will consist of a textbook, articles available
through e-reserves, and multi-media resources.  The final grade will
be based on a combination of short written assignments, exams, and
class preparation/participation. Written guidelines for assignments
will be discussed in class. Students with interests in particular
topics will find opportunities to pursue them in short research