International Studies | Topic: Intl Organizations & Global Issues
I300 | 23774 | Steuer, K.

With the end of the Cold War and the bi-polar international
system, the issues of sovereignty and policies designed to alleviate
global problems are under intense scrutiny and serious debate.  To
address issues that transcend national boundaries, international
organizations emerged during the late 19th century and grew in scope
and number during the 20th century to ameliorate international
political, economic, social, health, legal, and labor challenges.
At the end of World War II, the Great Powers established the United
Nations system, a series of agencies designed to help nation states
promote peaceful relationships, foster economic growth, support
social development, and improve the general condition of mankind.
This course will emphasize a historical overview of the role in
which international organizations contend with global problems and
their relationship with nation-states in this process.  Many of
the “new” international issues under discussion today are direct
outgrowths of earlier attempts to solve these problems.  Students
will examine a global issue and trace its roots through the actions
of international organizations and negotiations.  Assignments will
include short analytical papers, a research paper, and a final