Jewish Studies | Introduction to Biblical Hebrew II
B150 | 25084 | E. Muehlberger

JSTU-B 150  Introduction to Biblical Hebrew II (4 cr.)
MWF 9:30-10:45 ,   E. Muehlberger				
(Class # 25084)

Prerequisite:  Prior semester of Biblical Hebrew (JSTU-B 100 or NELC-
N 471), or permission of instructor.

This is the second semester of Biblical Hebrew. We will continue
with our work in the textbook "Biblical Hebrew: A Text and
Workbook," second edition.  Toward the end of the semester, we will
read directly from the Hebrew Bible. After successfully completing
this course, a student will be able to read most prose and some
poetry in the Hebrew Bible with the help of a dictionary.

Graduate students should register for the course under NELC-N 472.