Jewish Studies | Introduction to Elementary Hebrew II
H150 | ALL | A. Weiss

JSTU-H 150 	Introduction to Elementary Hebrew II (4 cr.)
Daily    10:10-11:00  (class #17845) ,   Ayelet Weiss
Daily    11:15-12:05  (class # 17844) ,  Ayelet Weiss
Daily    12:20-1:10    (class #17847) ,   Ayelet Weiss

Second semester of elementary Hebrew. The course is conducted
entirely in Hebrew and concentrates on the acquisition of modern
Israeli Hebrew on an elementary level.  Students will develop skills
in reading, writing and speaking Hebrew, will work on grammar,
vocabulary, composition.
Weekly assignments from Hebrew from Scratch as well as supplementary

Grades based on homework, quizzes, exams and a final exam as well as
daily participation in class discussion.

Prerequisite: H100/H500 or placement by exam

Fulfills: Jewish Studies Language and Literature course; core Jewish
Studies major course

Required texts: Chayat, Hebrew from Scratch Vol 1 (Academon) and CD;
Tarmon, Hebrew Verb Tables; Weinbach, Learnerís Dictionary.

Graduate students should register under NELC-H 550.