Jewish Studies | Advanced Hebrew II
H350 | 17852 | M. Segal

JSTU-H 350 Advanced Hebrew II (3 cr.)
MW 9:30-10:45 ,   M. Segal
(class # 17852)	

This course will focus on reinforcing knowledge of Hebrew grammar
and building reading skills.  Special attention will be paid to
developing reading comprehension.
Grades based on homework, quizzes, exams and a final exam as well as
daily participation in class discussion.

Prerequisite: H 100-H 300/H 500-H 670 or other sufficient

Required texts: Cohen, A Dream of a Language; Tarmon, Hebrew Verb
Tables; Knobloch, Our Language; Zilberman, Hebrew-English Dictionary.

Fulfills: Jewish Studies Language and Literature course

Graduate students should register under NELC-H 680.