Jewish Studies | Introductory Readings in Hebrew Literature
H375 | 25806 | S. Katz

JSTU-H 375 Introductory Readings in Hebrew Literature (3 cr.)
TR 2:30-3:45 , 	S. Katz
(class #25806)

Prequisite: JSTU-H 350 or NELC-H 680 or equivalent

A survey, in the original Hebrew, of selected writings—poetry and
prose—from Hebrew literature composed during the past century. The
course’s goals are to acquaint students with major trends in Modern
Hebrew Literature, to familiarize them with the diversity of styles,
forms and themes constituting Modern Hebrew literary texts and to
facilitate a mastery and fluency in the literary medium for advanced

Students will be exposed to representative selections of writings
from among the chief exponents of Modern Hebrew Literature.
Assignments will include in-class intensive reading and discussion
of selections, extensive out-of-class reading and preparation of
oral and written reports as well as writing of terms papers on
selected topics germane to the course.  Exercises of the literary
vocabulary will be done by means of drills and quizzes.  Grades will
also be determined on the basis of one’s demonstrated progress in
the course as judged by the above and through periodic written
examinations.  Graduate students will be assigned additional
projects commensurate with their proficiency in the subject.

Fulfills: Jewish Studies Language and Literature course

Graduate students should register for NELC-N 695 (#25248).