Latino Studies | Introduction to Latino Cultures
L103 | 26830 | Quetzil Castaneda


Classroom TBA
3-5 p.m. Tues/Thurs
(3 credits) (Carries both S&H and Culture Studies credit)

This course introduces students to the cultural diversity,
histories, and experiences of Latinos and Hispanics in the United
States. As an introductory survey course, we both map the general
issues that pertain to these communities and briefly explore:
Mexican/Mexican American, Cuban, Guatemalan American and Puerto
Rican cultures and communities. Specifically we are concerned with
issues of culture and identity and how these are represented to the
in-group, to other Hispanics, to non-Latinos and by non-Hispanics.
What relations of power, knowledge, and value are correlated to such
types and modes of representation? We are concerned with racial,
class, sex/gender, and cultural differences, communities, styles and
for that constitute Latino cultures and literatures.  We will
consider different kinds of media including ethnographies, essays,
cultural analysis, film, music, and dance. Throughout the course
each component will have a section devoted to music and we will
listen to music in class and learn to dance (or try!).