Latino Studies | Perspectives on Contemporary Latino Immigration
L396 | 21386 | Jorge Chapa

T 1:00-3:15

Professor Jorge Chapa (
Office Sycamore Hall 046
(812) 856-1794 or 856-1795

This course will focus on Latino immigration to the United States
with an emphasis on contemporary issues.   The course has two main

1)	To provide the opportunity to develop a broad background in
contemporary Latino immigration issues; and,

2)	To create the opportunity for students to develop an in-
depth understand of some aspect of contemporary Latino immigration.

The first goal will be met by reading, analyzing, and discussing a
set of common readings in a variety of classroom activities lecture,
class discussion, and student presentations. Students are expected
to come to class prepared to discuss the assigned readings and to
participate in all activities.  They will typically be asked to
circulate a written summary of some or all of the readings before
each class.

The second goal will be met by structuring a sequence of assignments
that will culminate in a final research paper due.  The sequence of
assignments leading up to the final draft of the research paper
includes writing, submitting, discussing and revising a paper
abstract, annotated bibliography, paper outline and a first draft of
the final paper.


The required text is the manuscript, Apple Pie & Enchiladas:  Latino
Newcomers in the Rural Midwest by Ann Millard, Jorge Chapa et al.
The rest of the readings will be drawn from the extensive journal
literature on Latino immigration and should be available online or
through electronic reserves.