Leadership, Ethics and Social Action | Capstone Seminar
L405 | 17969 | King

In this 1-credit seminar, you will work to bring your academic
interests together in synergy with an expressed need in the community
to produce something of shared value.  You will develop a plan for
capstone work and strategies for carrying out that plan.  The
instructor will provide guidelines for initial proposals and will
offer appropriate practical and theoretical frameworks.  The seminar
is organized as an opportunity for you to do initial research,
stakeholder identification, community organizing, teambuilding, and
planning for project management, evaluation, and sustainability.

To complete the capstone project seminar and the minor in Leadership,
Ethics, and Social Action, students will take a 3-credit L405 in the
fall.  An approved proposal must be submitted before that course

Permission to take this course will be given by the program.  Contact