Labor Studies | Labor Issues on College Campuses
L290 | 21850 | Burmila, Ed

1 cr hr; Class Number 21850; 5:45-8:25  PM, Thursday, WH007. This
class meets March 30, April 6, 13, 20 and 27.

The importance of organized labor on college campuses is on the rise.
Faculty, students, and university employees bring unique labor issues
to the table, making the dynamics on campus unlike any setting in the
private sector. We will examine labor issues that impact campuses
directly such as graduate student organization, apparel contracts,
faculty government, anti-union tactics employed by administrators,
and effective models of university-labor cooperation. As well, we
will look at student participation in broader workers' rights
movements. The goal of the course is to better understand the wide
variety of issues, groups and interests come together on campus to
create a singular labor environment.