Labor Studies | Take Back Your Time
L390 | 18049 | Kiser, S. Jane

1 cr hr; Class Number 18049; 9:00am-4:30 PM, Friday, BH006. Class
meets two Fridays, March 24 and April 7, 2006 with one hour free for
lunch.  This class meets with LSTU-L 290, same title.

Are people satisfied with 12 hour shift schedules?  With mandatory
overtime policies?  Are unions overlooking an issue that could once
again spark an upsurge of militancy to “Take back our time!” the way
the battle for the eight-hour day once mobilized workers?  We will
take a look at what some unions are achieving through collective
bargaining and political advocacy to protect their members from work
schedules that damage their lives and health.  And we’ll consider
what you as individuals can do to better survive long and difficult
work  schedules.