L401 | 29031 | Tandioy

Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm – 6pm    SY212
Spring 2006, 2nd 8 weeks section 29031

Instructor: Francisco Tandioy (


	This course explores the rich tapestry of indigenous
tradition in the Andes region of South America by focusing on the
Inga indigenous community in southwestern Colombia. Native peoples
of the Andes are renowned for their festivals and carnivals, food
ways, storytelling, music and dance, arts and crafts, and
traditional medicine, and all of these expressions will be sampled
in this class. The instructor is Francisco Tandioy, a leader in the
Inga community, who has been active in projects to preserve this
important cultural and folkloric heritage.

	Students will draw on class presentations and media
resources, as well as assigned readings and relevant internet sites,
to gain understanding of native traditions of the Andes and the
efforts underway to conserve and develop them. The class will
feature hands-on experiences of Andean traditions as these can be
arranged in the short time available. The instructor is fluent in
English and no knowledge of Spanish (or Quechua) is needed.


	Students will be expected to attend class and contribute to
discussions and group projects.  There will be two short exercises
(2-3 pages each): one, a report on one book outside of the assigned
readings; two, a report on either a video or internet site relevant
to the course topics.  In addition, each student will hand in a
final essay (3-5 pages) assessing in more detail one of the Andean
traditions discussed in the class.

	Grades are calculated according to this scale: class
participation (20 points); short exercises (20 points each); essay
(40 points)=100 points total.

Course Materials

	Readings are drawn from several sources and will be made
available to students either in class or through e-reserves. These
books are on reserve in the library:

Victor Daniel Bonilla, Servants of God or Masters of Men: The Story
of a Capuchin 	Mission in Amazonia. Penguin, 1972.

John McDowell, Sayings of the Ancestors: The Spiritual Life of the
Sibundoy Indians. 	Kentucky, 1989.

Schedule of Topics

March 9, 11:	The Ingas of Colombia.
Activity: visit display at Mathers Museum; read McDowell, “Sayings”
chapter 1.

March 23, 25:	  Musu Runakuna (The New People).
Read pages from Robert Dover.
First exercise due: March 25.

March 30, April 1: 	The Inga dialect of Quechua.
Activity: speaking Quechua; read lessons from Inga pedagogy.

April 6, 8:	Worldview.
Activity: visit AILLA website; read McDowell, chapter 4.

April 13, 15:	 Wisdom of the elders.
Read sample texts from Tandioy and McDowell.
Second exercise due: April 15.

April 20, 22:	Carnival.
Activity: View video on Sibundoy carnival.
Read Tandioy and McDowell on “carnival.”

April 27, 29:	Traditional medicine.
Activity: View video on Inga native doctors.
Read McDowell and Tandioy on “Indi Waska, Vine of the Sun.”
Final essay due: April 29.