Philosophy | Introduction to Philosophy
P100 | 19752 | jacobs

The purpose of this course is, just as the title suggests, to
introduce you to philosophy. To do that, we will look at two main
themes in philosophy: God and persons. Does God exist? Can we offer
arguments for or against his existence? Are such arguments
successful? And what about us? What kind of things are we? Are we
physical beings? What is the relation between the mind, that
thinking part of us, and the body? Do we have a soul? Might we
survive death?  Do we ever act freely?

These and other questions will occupy our discussions. Descartes’
Meditations will provide us with a guiding text. We will read it
carefully, and then use it as a springboard for discussing the types
of questions just listed. In the end, we hope to equip you with the
tools required to think critically about any topic.