Philosophy | Logic and Philosophy
P352 | 25312 | Savion

Is formal logic successful in capturing the ways operators
(like "and" and "if", and "some") are used in natural languages?
What are "Many-Valued Logics"?)  What are "Intensional Logics"?  What
problems do they address?  What is the place of diverse metaphysical
metaphysical theories of truth in logic?  How do logical systems
relate to actual human rationality?  What models of rationality can
embrace the lessons we learn from cognitive science findings?

The course's prerequisite (P150, P250 or their equivalents) ensures
common background knowledge of first-order logic's concepts and their
methods, necessary for the philosophical analysis of the issues
above.  The course is not technical, but philosophical-conceptual.
Final grade is calculated from class participation, homework
assignments, a few short essays, and a final exam.