Religious Studies | Introduction to Christianity
R180 | 20131 | Weaver

Purpose:  To introduce the history and practice of Christianity.
This religion is 2000 years old and has roots in an older (Jewish)
tradition.  That means, among other things, that there are lots of
stories, conflicts, ideas, and individuals to meet and understand.
The textbook and the course are divided into four sections, and the
assignments from the supplementary text introduce you to some of the
primary source material of Christianity.  We begin with the biblical
and historical background, then move on to the historical roots of
Christian diversity. Third section explores  Christianity in the
Modern World, especially in America and the semester ends with a
unit on Contemporary issues that divide churches internally and from
one another.

Required Texts: Mary Jo Weaver, David Brakke, and Jason Bivins,
Introduction to Christianity, 3rd edition (1998).Robert E. Van
Voorst, Readings in Christianity, 2nd Edition (2001)

Format: 2 weekly lectures + weekly discussion section.  Although
these two parts of the course complement one another, they have
different purposes.  Lectures are supposed to impart information
clearly and lead you into the weekly readings.  Discussions give you
an opportunity to explore material more extensively in a small,
friendly setting.  Discussions are not review sessions.

Grading: 4 unit quizzes (50%) +  Final Exam (30%)  + Discussion

*Additional discussion section