Slavic Languages and Literatures | Literature and Culture of the Czechs and Slovaks 1
C363 | ALL | Staff

	While covering the history of old Czech and Slovak culture, the core
of this course is the development of literature, music and visual
arts. Also a brief survey of Czech and Slovak history is given. The
course covers the development until the 19th century national revival.
	Starting with the beginning of Slavic culture in the Czech and Slovak
lands - the 9th century Great Moravian Empire made famous by the
linguistic and literary work of St. Cyril and St. Methodius - the
course deals with the Czech and Slovak products of Romanesque and
Gothic culture, both in Old Church Slavic, Latin and in Czech. Special
emphasis is placed on the flowering of Czech Literature, architecture
and painting in the period of the Luxemburg dynasty, when Bohemia
became the center of the Holy Roman Empire. The importance of John Hus
(1379-1415), the founder of the Czech Reformation is further taken up,
together with his successors, the Unity of Czech Brethern, headed by
J.A.Komenský (Comenius).
	The following period of the Czech cultural heritage is closely
associated with Baroque culture which prevailed in the Czech lands
from the end of the sixteenth to the end of the eighteenth centuries.
It was rich in architecture, painting, etching, and folklore, which
was the main representative of the Czech and Slovak national
consciousness in this period of extreme suppression of the Czechs by
the Germans.
	The course is a combination of a survey and discussions on selected
texts in its main corpus. Periodical sessions with pictures and slides
illustrating the achievements in the visual arts, as well as
music-appreciation sessions are scheduled. The relationship of the
Czech and Slovak cultures to the other European cultures is
systematically explored.

Requirements: Graduates: One paper around 15 pages (30% of the grade).
Undergraduates: One paper around 10 pages.
Final essay exam (40 % of the grade).
Class discussion, participation and small assignments (30% of the grade).