Slavic Languages and Literatures | Adv Intermediate Oral Russian I
R325 | 20893 | Kolodziej, J

R325 is a companion course to R301. The purpose of this course is to
improve your abilities to understand and to communicate in Russian. To
achieve this goal, the course will employ the strategies outlined below:

1. It will reinforce, whenever possible, materials you will cover in
Lessons 1 to 6 in FOCUS, primarily the oral exercises at the end of
each lesson.

2. The course will also move away from the material found in FOCUS and
broaden it out by using materials from RUSSKIE TEMY. These consist of
a video, and printed materials (to be handed out in class). Some of
these materials cover the same conversational themes as those found in

3. In addition, we will view one movie and other programs from Russian
television. A copy of these materials will be placed in the language

A course of this nature requires your presence in class, since so much
of the oral work takes place in class. It is for this reason that such
heavy emphasis is placed on preparation of material at home and on
your participation in class.

You will also have written homework (compositions) assigned from time
to time.

Attendance is required and your grade will be lowered for any two
unexcused absences.

Any suggestions that you may have regarding course content are welcome!

Preparation for class and class participation      40%
Homework assignments                               40%
Quizzes (announced)                                20%