Slavic Languages and Literatures | Russian for Graduate Students 2
R492 | ALL | Keller

PREREQUISITE:    R491 or equivalent.

TEXTBOOKS:     Russian for Reading. Patricia Arndt.
(Columbus, Ohio: Slavica Publishers)
Chapters 11 and 12.
Eyewitness. Donald B. Johnson et al.
(The book is out of print, but is available
in xeroxed format.)

R491 and R492 go from "zero Russian" to a reading knowledge of
general subjects and a specialized reading knowledge of material in
the student's own academic specialty. R491 will cover recognition (and
very limited production) of the basic grammatical structures of
Russian. R492 will cover the last two chapters in Russian for Reading
and will then introduce the students to texts of common interest
(usually texts that are part of Russian culture -- texts with a fair
degree of grammatical complexity). R492 will also include a
translation project where the student and the instructor select a
representative article in the student's area of interest. SEMESTER
TRANSLATION PROJECT.  GOAL: Establish and demonstrate reading
competency in your professional specialty.  PROJECT: Select a
seven-page article or book chapter and translate it into English.
Submit the typewritten translation and a xerox of the Russian
original.  CHOICE OF MATERIAL: Avoid an article that is excessively
specialized or replete with numerical data, charts, etc. Overly
specialized material often presents a very limited range of
vocabulary. Sometimes an introductory textbook written for students at
the university level is a good choice. Do not select an article or
book which has already been translated into English.