Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 20271 | Janney

Sociology is the study of human social behaviors and how individuals,
groups and society interrelate.  This course will provide an
introduction to the types of questions sociologists ask and the
variety of theories and methods they use to answer them.  Are women
born?  Are men made?  Or are most of the things that we call gender
differences simply learned performances?  Are people more or less
likely to do atyplical things when they are in a group?  And just how
far from the norm does someone have to be to be considered Adeviant.@
These are the kids of topics we will address as you are provided the
opportunity to apply a sociological perspective to relationships,
politics and what may not always be simply Aeveryday life.@  A goal of
the course is to help you obtain the sociological tools needed to
identify social problems, consider possible solutions, and critically
examine both.  An open mind is not necessarily required, but a
willingness to learn and respect for others is.  And this is true
whether students wish to express views that are conservative, liberal
or ambivalent.