Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 20272 | Wilde

This course is designed to teach students what sociology is, and to
introduce you to what we as sociologists do.  My goal is to convince
you that sociology is interesting and important.  Over the semester,
as we read original work in the sociology of race, class, deviance,
gender and religion, you will learn about how the research was
conducted, what was found, and what those findings tell us about our
society.  As you are reading these books, you will also be conducting
research on yourselves, and others.  You will learn about how you, as
a class, differ from the rest of the country, and you will conduct
participant observation on two groups of people, one of whom is more
stigmatized than the other (for any reason).  Those observations will
culminate in a 4-6 page research paper on the process by which stigma
is communicated and experienced.