Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 20277 | Yebei

In this course, students will learn how society functions and how the
individual fits in the group at large. I believe that the study of
sociology should make a lasting impression on students for years to
come because the discipline is about everyday social interaction,
ongoing socialization and about social patterns in our shared world. I
strive to cultivate an enduring interest in my students for sociology
as a discipline in general, as well as an approach to understanding
social behavior. I see myself as a facilitator to knowledge and
therefore encourage personal excellence in my students- not perfection
as such. Together we will examine micro and macro structures through
sociological lenses with the intention of uncovering the “hows” and
“whys” of society.

This course is generally divided into five sections namely:
Introduction to sociology; social groups and social control; social
inequality; social institutions; and social dynamics and change.
Concepts such as socialization, class, deviance, and gender will be
examined in order to illustrate how sociologists attempt to understand
social patterns. Research questions, theories and methods suitable for
sociological research will be discussed in order to equip students
with tools necessary for a critical examination of the world we live
in. At the end of this course, students will have basic understanding
of sociology and will develop a ‘sociological imagination’
(sociological thinking). Ultimately, they will be able to reflect on
their own social experiences as they apply sociological concepts to
our social world.