Sociology | Charts, Graphs & Tables
S110 | 25410 | Stewart

In Sociology, and in society, we are continuously confronted with
social Statistics.  We hear that Apoverty increased@ or Aunemployment
declined@ on the evening news and proceed to draw conclusions
regarding well-being in our society.  All Social Statistics, and our
subsequent conclusions about these statistics, are based on an elegant
model of society where numbers represent well-being or another measure
of importance.  In this course we will become critical consumers of
Social Statistics while we examine several spheres of Sociology.  The
aim of our examination is a better understanding of our social world.
We accomplish this by becoming intimately familiar with the field of
sociology, the production and interpretation of Social Statistics, and
the concepts, measures, and methods Sociologists use to understand our
society.  In short, this course is an introduction to empirical