Sociology | Society & The Individual
S230 | 20292-20293 | Eder

This is an introductory course in social psychology from a
sociological perspective.  The first section will cover interaction
and culture.  We will start by looking at cultural and ethnic
differences in both nonverbal and verbal interaction.  We will then
examine the main concepts of symbolic interactionism, seeing how they
apply to the study of peer cultures.  Finally we will examine status
processes within peer cultures, preparing for the next section on

The second section will focus on the effect of social class,
ethnicity, and gender on the experience of individuals in our society.
Here we will begin by looking at basic processes of stratification
and inequality especially as they apply to social class.  After that
we will focus on the pressures to conform to certain definitions of
maleness and femaleness.  We will then examine how the experiences of
people in different ethnic groups are affected by stereotypes and
stratification.  Finally, we will look at stereotypes faced by
homosexuals and bisexuals.

The last section of the course will focus on social relationships and
community.  We will begin by looking at sexuality, power, and
partnership.  We will then turn to an examination of love and
friendship.  After that we will look at ways to bridge differences and
build a sense of community among individuals.  Then we will consider
processes of competition and co-operation within groups.  The last
part of the class will focus on new models of relating together as a