Sociology | Topics in Social Organizations
S410 | 21962 | Armstrong

Topic: Controversies in College Life

This class will discuss current controversies in college life in the
United States. We will try to address at least some of the following
questions: How do college admissions work? What role does social class
play in getting into college? What is affirmative action? Is it a good
thing? Are today's college students more dependent on their parents
than college students of other generations? Is this a problem? What is
role of the greek system in drinking, dating, sexual assault, and
status systems on campus? How should universities regulate underage
drinking? What is the role of big-time athletics on college campuses?
Do students date anymore? How much and what kinds of sex do college
students have? Is there a typical student at IU and other schools? Is
so, what does she look like? Why are there fewer men in college than
women? Is this a problem? What are the experiences of racial and
sexual minorities on this campus and other campuses in the United
States? What are the experiences of international, first generation,
and returning students? Who is likely to drop out of college and why?
What is grade inflation and is it a problem? Do men and women select
different majors? Why? Does it matter? What do professors do other
than teach? How do they get to be professors? What is tenure? Is it a
good thing? What does a college degree mean in the job market? What
kinds of jobs do IU sociology majors get?  How much do majors and
grades matter for future careers?  Does it matter where one goes to
college? Women say they want to be stay-at-home moms after college.
Why? Is this a problem? Should their slots go to people who desire
professional careers? Some say that undergraduate education in the
U.S. is in decline. Is it? If it is, what should we do about it? To
answer these questions we will read and discuss current research and
hear from IU faculty and graduate students engaged in researching
these issues. Students in the class will be expected to research and
present on one or more of the topics discussed.