Telecommunications | The Videogame Industry
T260 | 25506 | Castronova, E.

TEL-T 260
The Video Game Industry
Class Number: 25506

*Course Abstract*
Videogames are becoming a dominant force in contemporary culture.
Games on computers and consoles have become a standard feature in
every home; games now outsell the Hollywood box office; the average
gamer is now 30 years of age. Thousands of college students are
pursuing professional training for this exploding industry, through
the many Game Design programs now appearing around the country and
the world. This course explores the market for videogames, examining
the companies that make games and the processes they use to make
them. This information will be valuable for students thinking about
careers in any area of entertainment and media production. The
course will also be good for students with a very general interest
in media and culture, because as games grab a bigger and bigger
share of our cultural attention, we will all want to know more about
how they are made.

You should be at least familiar with computers and videogames.

This is a lecture course, with most grading being based on writing
assignments. We might make a game, too, depending on the skill set
of the students.**

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