Telecommunications | Video Field & Post Production
T351 | 20728-20729 | Krause, J.

Telecommunications ,  Video Field and Post Production
T351 ,  20728-20729,  Krause, J.

T351, Video Field and Post Production (3 credits)
P: T206 and T283 each with a grade of C- or above, and consent of

T351 teaches the technical and aesthetic skills required for video
field production and provides the conceptual framework and hands-on
skills necessary for video post-production. Topics include imaging
and recording technology, composition, continuity, sound, and
lighting. Experience planning, lighting and shooting video will be
provided through hands-on exercises and assignments. Practical
experience using Final Cut Pro and Avid Xpress DV is provided
through a series of hands-on activities and projects.

Format: Students will attend a weekly lecture, which will be spent
reviewing new material, assigned readings, assignments and class
projects. Students will also attend a weekly lab, which is composed
of 12-15 students. Labs are held in the Production Lab (RTV Room
157). In lab students will participate in hands-on activities and
carry out production assignments.

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