Telecommunications | Introduction to Research Methods in Telecommuncations
T502 | 20758 | Paul, B.

TEL-T 502 Introduction to Research Methods in Telecommunications
(3.0), Class Number 20758, 4:00pm  5:15pm, MW, Bryant Paul

This course will introduce students to the application of social
science research methodologies as they can be applied to the process
of investigating mediated communication phenomena.  The process of
developing research questions and formulating and testing hypotheses
using survey, experimental, and content analytic methodologies will
be highlighted.  Each of the methods discussed will be applicable
across a range of interest areas or content domains, such as health
communication, political communication, sex and the media, etc.
Further, we will examine the process of explication, by which
researchers move from theory, to conceptualization, to operational
definitions in an effort to effectively test theories using
empirical research methodologies.  Assignments throughout the
semester are structured to enable students to develop a testable,
theoretically driven set of hypotheses and/or research questions, to
design a research methodology for testing these hypotheses or
answering these questions, and to understand how they would analyze
the results obtained using such a methodology.