Telecommunications | Cognitive Approaches to Media
T552 | 25521 | Fox, J.

Julia Fox
TEL-T 552
Class Number 25521
Cognitive Approaches to Media

1)    The course prerequisites.


2)    A summary of course objectives.

	This course examines the information processing of mediated
messages and theories underlying memory, attention, and cognition.
Advanced analysis of cognitive psychology and emotion theory as they
apply to the study of media.

3)   Course format.

	This is a graduate seminar/discussion style course with 12-
17 students.

4)    Grading Procedures.

	The course grade will be based on attendance-related
activities, in-class written examination, and course assignments.

5)   Required Texts.

	There are a number of assigned readings from various sources
relating to course topics on electronic reserve.  A printed course
packet may be made available on reserve and/or for students to
purchase, if they prefer.

6)  Meeting Times.

	T Th 1:00-2:15 TV 169