Telecommunications | Interactive Storytelling & Computer Games
T580 | 20764 | Gillespie, T.

Media has changed significantly over the past 25 years first with
the advent of the computer game and recently with the advent of the
internet. The common denominator in both instances is the aspect of
interactivity and nothing better illustrates interactivity in all
its glory than the computer game. While the computer game seems new
because of the technology the basis of all games is nothing more
than story, the same story we told each other in caves eons ago.
With recent media such as books, film, radio and television the
story was told and the audience sat, listened or read, and
considered. There was little ability to interact directly and
immediately with either the story or the teller. With interactive
storytelling and computer game design the passive audience
essentially disappears and reemerges as the interactor a direct
participant in the story and the telling.

Like all things new our study of Interactive Storytelling and Game
Design begins with a mastery of preceding media such as
scriptwriting, radio and television production. Interactive
Storytelling and Game Design is not the same as radio and television
production but it is similar. As a student in this area you have the
option of deciding how deep and in what direction you pursue
Interactive Storytelling and Game Design. You decide your balance
between linear and non-linear.

This area brings together teaching and research from across Indiana
University to investigate the social and cultural roles of new media
and to engage in the development of new media for entertainment,
learning, commerce and communication. This area couples intensive
classroom study with an internship program that allows students
direct experience with corporate and public users and designers of
these new media.