Telecommunications | Topical Seminar in TEL Processes & Effects
T602 | 21035 | Bucy, E.

T602 Seminar description: Political Psychology

This seminar on Political Psychology will focus on the application
of contemporary psychological theories, concepts, and methods to the
study of political behavior. Through readings, papers, in-class
discussion, and a research proposal project, seminar participants
will examine a variety of topics relating to the communication and
processing of political information. The seminar will be divided
into three sections covering the nature of political information,
conventional approaches to the study of political psychology, and
neuroethological approaches to investigating political behavior.
Interdisciplinary in orientation, this course draws on literatures
in political science, political communication, and psychology.
Topics to be addressed include the issue vs. image controversy;
motivated reasoning and the “hot cognition” hypothesis; low
information rationality; affective intelligence; decision heuristics
and biases; anxiety and political decision making; nonverbal leader
displays; framing and priming effects; and, racial stereotyping and