West European Studies | Special Topics in W European Studies: History of Political Theory II
W406 | 20882 | Combellick-Bidney, S

11:15AM-12:05PM  MWF  3 cr.
Obtain on-line permission for above section from department.
Above section carries Culture Studies credit.
Above section meets with POLS-Y 382.

In this course, we will discuss the main currents of modern
political thought in light of contemporary political experiences. We
will read and critique works by Machiavelli, Locke, Rousseau,
Wollstonecraft, Smith, Mill, Marx, Dewey, Arendt, and Foucault, with
attention to such questions as: who controls the political world?
What is our role in it? How does political power affect our
experiences in society? What is justice and who should practice it?
Our discussions will range from hypothetical situations to current
controversies and political events. Assignments will include regular
response papers, an online discussion forum, and a final paper which
will offer an opportunity for students to apply the material to a
topic of their own choosing.