West European Studies | Special Topics in W. European Studies: Golden Age of Dutch Culture
W406 | 20883 | Ham, E

9:30AM-10:45AM   TR   3 cr.
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Above section meets with GER-N 450 and WEUR-W 605

Taught in English; no prerequisites.  Course open to graduates and

The Dutch Golden Age was one of the most spectacular creative
periods in the history of the world. It was the time of Rembrandt,
Vermeer, Spinoza, Grotius, and The Dutch Republic as it was called
at the time, hosted many other renowned artists and writers. It also
had an immense impact on global commerce, finance, shipping and
technology. In this course we try to trace the ideas, politics,
religion and social developments of the Golden Age.

All literature will be read in English and the course will be
conducted in English.