Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Cultural Aspects of Dress
H401 | 7523 | Akou, Heather M.

Course description:  This course will expose students to various
ideas about what is beautiful or appropriate to wear in different
cultures and what Apparel Studies is like as an academic
discipline.  Along with theories on dress, culture, and aesthetics,
students will explore what dress is like in a number of cultural
systems around the world including the Amish, Hasidic Jews, Muslims,
Japanese and American subcultures, and various African cultures.
Class activities will include lectures, videos, guest speakers, two
field trips, and presentations of research on ethnic fashions in
couture and advertising.

Required Texts and Readings: Course pack available at the bookstores
and TIS

Outline Course Requirements:
Self-analysis project  50 points
Ethnic fashion project  110 points
Microtheme writings	- 160 points
In-class Q+A sheets  230 points
Professionalism  50 points


Other Comments: The self-analysis project will count as the final