Apparel Merchandising / Interior Design | Internatl Textiles & App Trade
H404 | 26695 | Embry, Mary C.

Meeting Day and Time: M, W 1:00-2:15

Course Description and Content: This course seeks to help the
student (1) identify the impact of organizational structures on the
textile/apparel industries; (2) gain an understanding of the broad
economic, political, social, and cultural dimensions of the U.S. and
international production and distribution of textile and apparel
products; (3) identify forces which affect global and national
trends in production, consumption, and distribution of textiles and
apparel; (4) gain an overview of the competitive status of the U.S.
textile and apparel sectors within the context of a global economy;
(5) evaluate the current status of technology, research and
development, and marketing and promotion within the textile/apparel

Required Texts and Readings: No book required.

Outline Course Requirements: (1) There will be three exams - two
midterms and final.  (2) Each student must do article reviews on
issues discussed throughout the semester. (3)  The final assignment,
which uses a team approach, gives you an opportunity to gain
specific knowledge about various countries’ involvement in the
textile and apparel industries and trade.