American Studies | Perspectives in American Studies
G604 | 25015 | Deborah Cohn

(4 cr.) In recent years, there has been a conscious effort to
redefine American Studies as transnational and encompassing the
study of the Americas writ large, rather than just the U.S.  Many
scholars have argued that the history, culture, and social
formations of the United States must be studied within a hemispheric
context.  This course will explore the promise, pitfalls, and
tensions that arise from the intersection of (traditionally U.S.-
centered) American Studies and Latin American Studies.  We will look
at issues addressed by both discipline such as race, borders,
globalization and cultural contact, and nationalism.  We will also
explore the institutional histories of these disciplines and relate
them to contemporary political relations between the U.S. and Latin
America.  There will be weekly readings, short writing assignments,
and a final paper (15-20 pages).