American Studies | Colloquium in American Studies / Topic: Western Intellectual History & Its Influences on U.S. Educational Discourse
G620 | 14804 | Jesse Goodman

(4 cr.) Jointly offered with EDUC-J664

Do you enjoy exploring the educational implications that emer¬ge
from examining questions such as: what does it mean to be a human
being, what are the characteristics of the “good” society, in what
ways do human beings construct their identities, what is knowl¬edge
and how is it created, and what is the purpose of scholarship and
its relationship to educating children? If so, you might be
interested in taking the above seminar.

Using a variety of contemporary intellectual frameworks in the field
of Curriculum Studies (e.g., positivism, existentialism, neo-
Marxism, post-modernism, critical race theory, fem¬inism,
pragmatism) as a catalyst for our own thinking, the purpose of this
seminar is to develop our talents for educational and social
theorizing.  Special attention is paid to the challenges of creating
a conceptual frame¬work in the study of educational phenomena.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to con¬tact the
instructor at 856-8143 or goodmanj.