Anthropology | Shi`ism & Politics
A200 | 31094 | Anzalone

Class meets 2nd eight weeks only

With inter-communal violence still boiling in Iraq, the 2005 election
of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the continued reign of the
revolutionary ‘ulama in Iran, and the surprising military prowess
during the summer of 2006 and continued political empowerment of
Lebanon’s Hizbu’llah, the relation of Shi‘ism to politics both
currently and historically has become an issue of increasing
importance and interest to policymakers, scholars, and the general
public.  After centuries of political quietism Shi‘i political parties
have emerged as some of the most dynamic and popular Middle Eastern
political movements.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: The course will provide students with a solid
historical introduction to Shi‘i history and a thorough understanding
of modern case studies of Shi‘i political mobilization.  Political
movements in Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Bahrayn, and Saudi Arabia will
receive particular attention.