Anthropology | Anth Capstone Sem: Food and Famine
A410 | 7588 | Clark

One concern that links all humans past and present is their next meal.
Food sustains not only our biological life but also our symbolic and
communal life.  To understand the meanings of food and the
implications of how food provisioning is organized, this course draws
on materials from archeology, biological anthropology, linguistics and
sociocultural anthropology.  Faculty from different subfields will
lead study units on their specializations, and students will also
devote considerable time to an individual or group research project
they will present to the class.  Among these topics are: foraging
strategies, plant and animal domestication, physical effects of
dietary composition and malnutrition, farming systems, trading
systems, historical and contemporary famines and famine relief,food
storage, preparation and consumption, food in ethnic and gender
identity, linguistic analyses of food issues, etc.