Anthropology | Proseminar in Cultural and Social Anth
E500 | 7601 | Wilk

Above section graduate standing or permission of instructor

This is a required course for all incoming graduate students in
sociocultural anthropology, and is highly recommended for
bioanthropologists, archaeologists, and linguists who desire
familiarity with the current concepts and issues in the study of
culture. This course is also open to graduate students in other
disciplines who seek to understand the ethnographic approach so
characteristic of modern sociocultural anthropology. E500 will cover
the major writers and theories in sociocultural anthropology starting
in 1970 and working up to the present. Our goal is the classic one of
a survey course; to get students familiar with the intellectual
currents of the discipline. This means reading some major works, but
it also means that sometimes we will take shortcuts and have you read
about theories and writers instead of reading all the original sources.