Anthropology | Intro to Archaeology
P200 | 7604 | Alt

This course explains how human history can be understood through the
things people leave behind, like trash and abandoned buildings. In
other words, this class explains the methods and theories used by
archaeologists. Archaeology is the study of human life through
material remains. For most of human existence, there were no written
texts, so to understand this major part of the human past,
archaeologists learn to “read” history by examining material remains
and combining a variety of techniques, methodologies and theories. we
will review those methodologies as well as explore what kind of
knowledge archaeologists can generate. We will investigate what are
appropriate archaeological questions, and what kinds of answers are
possible. In this course we review how archaeologists understand
things like politics, social organization, world views, religion,
warfare, and more as well as the scientific techniques used to gain
that understanding.  Part of this review will involve discussions of
various world cultures and societies. It will also involve an
evaluation of the role the present plays in understanding the past,
and alternately, how the past informs the present

Format: there will be illustrated lectures, films, demonstrations and
hands on lab exercises.

Evaluations will be based on exams, short papers and projects