Biology | Ethnobotany
B368 | 27685 | Gross, B

Course Format: Lecture, TR 1:25-2:15, JH245

Course Requirements: Biology L111 and L112

Brief Course Description: Ethnobotany is the study of plant in
relation to humans.  We will focus on plants that provide food, with
additional discussion of related issues such as domesticated animals
and uses of plants for things other than food.  We will examine how
plants have influenced human history up to the present, including
our present day lives.

Required Texts: Heiser, C. B. Jr.  1990.  Seed to Civilization.
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA.
Diamond, J.  2005.  Guns, Germs, and Steel. W. W. Norton & Company,
New York. Course Packet (TBA)

Weekly Assignments:  Two readings, about 20 pages each.

Exams/Papers: Three exams plus a final.  Each class member will give
one 15 minute presentation about a food plant (this will involve
bringing food to class) and develop the presentation into a 1500-
2000 word research paper.