Biology | Biological Mechanisms
L112 | 27440 | Ruesink, A

Course Format: Lecture: 1:25P-2:15P, MWF, JH A100 (about 150
students) plus one weekly learning group, where students undertake
various kinds of group learning exercises.

Course requirements: High school biology is helpful.  Some college
chemistry or quality high school chemistry is desirable.

Course Description: This is a rigorous introductory course in
biology that is designed for science majors.  The pace is brisk and
I expect students to learn both context and detail.  Exams will test
the students' ability to apply the information covered to new
situations.  We consider the unifying principles of biology:
biological molecules, basic metabolic pathways, cell structure and
function, membranes, genetics, growth and development, plant form
and function, comparative animal physiology.

Required Text: “Biology”, seventh edition by Campbell et al.

Weekly Assignments: Attend lecture. Read text. Participate in a
learning group.  About every other week a problem set is due.

Exams/Papers: Three one-hour exams and a comprehensive final.  A few
learning groups involve completing projects.