Biology | Biology of Birds
L376 | 7693 | Hengeveld, S

Course format: Lecture: 2:30P-3:45P, TR, JH 440, plus Thursday or
Friday morning field trips or labs.  There will be four Thursday or
Friday field trips starting between 7:00A-11:00A and finishing
around noon.  There will be four Thursday or Friday morning labs
from 8:00A-11:00A (specific dates for the labs and field trips will
be announced during the first week of classes).

Requirements:  P - Biol L111 and L112.

Course descriptions: The course is a four-credit lecture/lab course
intended for biology majors.  The course provides a general overview
of avian systematics, distribution, evolution, ecology, and
behavior; emphasis is placed on avian physiology, migration and
orientation, territoriality, communication, and reproductive
behaviors.  Field trips concentrate on visual and auditory
identification of local birds, interpretation of behavior and
interactions between birds, and field study research methods.  Labs
focus on the study of taxonomy, topography, feather structure,
plumages and molts, sexual dimorphism, and anatomy.

Required text: Gill, F.B. “Ornithology”, 3rd edition and current
field guide covering all of U.S. Recommended: National
Geographic “Birds of North America”, fourth edition.

Weekly assignments: One-two chapters of reading in text.

Exams/papers: Three exams (including cumulative final); lab data
sheets; identification and taxonomy quizzes; summaries to
presentation of primary research articles.