Biology | Microbial Phys & Biochemistry
M350 | 7705 | Chen, L

Course format: Lecture: 9:30A-10:45A, TR, BH 304.

Requirements: P: Biol L112 and Chem C341.

Course Description: We will cover the basic biochemical mechanisms
by which prokaryotes couple exogenous energy sources with the
metabolic processes required for survival and growth.  We will
explore how prokaryotes produce ATP, maintain pH homeostasis,
transport solutes and respond to environmental stress.  Central to
the course is an introduction to basic metabolic pathways.

Required text: “The Physiology and Biochemistry of Prokaryotes”, by
D. White. Second edition.

Weekly assignments: Text readings and problem-solving homework sets.

Exams/papers: Three-four written essay exams – no papers.