Collins Living Learning Center | The Art of Meditation
L100 | 17341 | Doug Hanvey

In this course you will learn and practice mindfulness, the essential meditation
practice of Buddhism.  In addition to intensive meditation, we will read about
and discuss several core concerns of Eastern philosophy generally.  What is
the nature of the self?  What is reality?  What is the purpose of meditation?
Given time, we may also touch upon other religious debates, such as:  What is
the difference between religion and spirituality?  Between belief and faith?
Obviously, this will not be just an easy “activity” class (or in this case a “non-
activity class!”).  Meditation and the ideas in this class will challenge you at
the deepest levels of your being-intellectually, emotionally, spiritually,
perhaps even physically.  But as Noela Evans has said, “Challenge is a
dragon with a gift in its mouth.  Tame the dragon and the gift is yours.”