Collins Living Learning Center | American Dreams
L200 | 16271 | David Coon

The ideals associated with suburbia reflect the ideals of America and its
culture.  At the same time, critics have identified suburbia as a space of
conformity, repression, and isolation.  By paying closer attention to the history,
development, and representation of suburban spaces, we can gain a better
understanding of our society as a whole - its dreams and nightmares,
successes and failures.  Through critical analysis and creative responses,
students will investigate the design of suburban spaces, the history of
suburban development, the relationship between suburbia and identity
markers such as gender, race, and sexuality, and the representation of
suburbia in mainstream film, television, and literature.  By exploring suburbia
as not only a residential space, but also as a cultural construct and social
ideal, students will gain a better understanding of some key elements that
make up the American Dream.