Collins Living Learning Center | Music: Mirror of the Moment
S103 | 16274 | Hugo Viera

Come listen to Latin American popular music and learn about the historical
circumstances that led to its development. What historical events influenced
the creation of genres like salsa, merengue, and reggaeton? How did Latin
American history and music influence African-American genres such as Hip
Hop and Jazz? This is NOT a Latin American music history course.  Instead
we will examine the historical processes that gave way to the formation of
particular music genres throughout Latin America, paying special attention to
the Caribbean region.  It is a fun opportunity to think about history not as the
memorizing of important figures and dates but as a series of interconnected
events that shape the development of human culture. You don't have to be a
musician to enjoy this class.  All you need is an open mind, an interest in
learning about different types of music, and the people who created it and
enjoy it.